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APOLLYON “…I, Apollyon will DESTROY America!”

“The Apollyon CD by Lester Sumrall will open your eyes and make you aware of the unseen battle going on for the soul of our nation! Ignorance is not bliss when there is a demon intent on destroying America.”

Reviewer Name: Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome

Title of CD: Apollyon (The Dream of Apollyon)

Speaker: Dr. Lester Sumrall

Contents : The Dream of Apollyon

Price: $8

Primary Audience/age group: Everyone

Recommended: YES

Rating: 5 out of 5 points

Description: The demon Apollyon tells how he plans to destroy America. He identifies the three spirits that he has released to bring about his plan of destruction—and he reveals it in a dream to Dr. Lester Sumrall.


The Apollyon by Lester Sumrall is a powerful and eye opening cd that will change the way you look at media, demons, and your life. Sumrall recounts a dream where he was rebuked by Apollyon for referring to him as a “scarecrow.” He (the demon) made it clear that he was not a scarecrow—but the destroyer as outlined in the book of Revelation.

This powerful spirit has a plan to totally destroy the United States of America by releasing three spirits—mockery (of God), rock music, and occult through media. Sumrall lays a Biblical foundation throughout the CD that will help the listener to follow the context of the dream and to see that the Apollyon referred to in Revelation was the same spirit that spoke to Lester Sumrall.

It is evident that Apollyon is a strategic spirit that knows how to entice man towards destruction—first by encouraging him take down what would be his wall of safety…God (belief in God, respect of God, trust in God).

Then to convince him to put his mind in neutral—so that he is unable to think for himself and is more susceptible to suggestions…through music—demonically influenced and controlled.

Lastly, to fill the media with the occult—movies, shows, commercials—every form of media is infiltrated with the intent to destroy. The question then is what can we do as Christians? What options do we have? What should be our course of action.

Sumrall gives the answer to that in his cd…it is simple yet powerful—because it is based in the Word of God. If you will like to learn more about this powerful Apollyon CD visit www.leseapublishing.com.


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Ratings: 5 of 5 stars

Recommendation: Smart-at-Home highly recommends this cd—it will open your eyes and make you aware of the unseen battle going on for the soul of our nation!

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