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Lavender Water

Lavender water can be used in a variety of ways around the house. Some of its uses include:

  • When doing the laundry, add some lavender water to the rinse cycle. Your clothing will have a light lavender scent. You can also use it on your bedding when you want to give them a pick me upper.
  • Use when ironing, spritz a bit of the lavender water on the items being ironed. Will add a nice lavender scent to the garment.
  • Use it as a room freshener—place it in a spray bottle and then spritz it around the house.
  • Lavender water can also be used as a beauty aid, try it as a skin freshener on hot summer days, a hair rinse, splash in the bath or dab around temples for headache relief.
  • Insect repellent, try it for mosquito repellent or on an insect bite. Lavender deters flies and other insects as well.
  • It can also be used as a pet wash–helps to keep your pet flea free.
  • Use it as an antiseptic.
  • Use on plants to keep insects from eating them.
  • Use to clean face of cosmetic makeup.
  • Use in dryer on a cloth and give your clothing a beautiful fragrance.

Whether you want to freshen your home, laundry or repel insects you want to make a batch of lavender water. Here is a simple recipe for you to try.

Lavender Water Recipe

Source: Tipnut.com

Recipe #1

Mason Jar
Lavender Buds


  • Fill the glass jar with lavender and cover completely with vodka. Seal jar.
  • Place the jar in a sunny location for about 18 days, rotate and shake the jar each day–morning and night.
  • After 18 days, strain the lavender from the vodka and seal the liquid in a clean glass jar.
  • Use as needed.

Recipe #2

2 cups water (distilled)
3 TBS vodka
15 drops Lavender essential oil


  • Mix the essential oil and vodka together then add water. Seal in a jar or bottle, keep in a dark place for 2 weeks before using.

Please let us know if you enjoyed the recipes!

If you want to learn more about lavender click here.

Lavender: How to Grow and Use the Fragrant Herb (Herbs (Stackpole Books), How To Use Lavender, and Lavender: Nature’s Way to Relaxation and Health.

If you want to learn more about essential oils or order lavender oil visit Young Living Essential Oils. Please note lavender essential oil should not be taken internally–but can be used for personal care, aromatherapy and household cleaning among other things.


Enjoy a Daily Getaway with Everyday Oils

With all the uncertainty in the world right now many are overwhelmed and stressed. The financial crunch can rob you of the joy and relaxation that was once your lot in life. Going to a spa on a weekly basis may not be an option for you, because your finances have to go towards housing, food, and clothing. There may not be a lot left over after you’ve balanced your budget.

I can truly empathize!

But does that mean that you can’t pamper yourself at all? Does that mean there is no hope for you to alleviate your stress?


There are other options. I have found exercise a wonderful stress releaser. I try to play Wii with my husband and children for about 30-mins daily (or walk on the treadmill for 45-mins). This helps me to get rid of a lot of tension as I jump around and act silly with my family. But sometimes I need just a little bit more.

It’s in those times I’m thankful for essential oils. Oils that relax, calm and soothe my achy body, my tired muscles, and my over taxed nerves. A few drops of oil in a hot tub works wonders on the body. A few drops in a diffuser helps to set a calm atmosphere. And to top everything off I rub some oil on my body to ensure that I have a peaceful nights rest as I sip a warm cup of herbal tea.

The best thing about using the oils is that I can have a spa experience every night without having to put my family in financial ruine to do it! I have my little getaways and when I come out of my oasis I am rejuvenated and renewed. A few of my favorite oils are grapefruit, hyssop, peppermint, and Rose of Sharon.

If you are in need of a peaceful getaway you’ll want to explore the wonderful possibilities of everyday essential oils.

If you would like to use the same products for your family as we do, you may conveniently buy on-line at www.youngliving.com or by calling 1-800-371-3515. When asked for the member number of the person sharing them with you, please use the following code #1149759.


Lavender Jelly

Lavender Jelly

Source: What’s Cooking America

3 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup dried lavender flowers
Juice of 1 lemon (approximately 1/4 cup)
1 (1 3/4-ounces) box powdered pectin or 1 pouch (3-ounces) liquid pectin
4 cups sugar

In a large saucepan over high heat bring water just to a boil. Remove from heat, stir in dried lavender flowers, and let steep for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, strain mixture into a deep kettle or pot, discarding the lavender flowers. Stir in lemon juice and pectin; continue stirring until the pectin is dissolved.

Over high heat, bring the mixture to a boil; add sugar. When the jelly solution returns to a hard rolling boil, let it boil for 2 to 4 minutes (see below), stirring occasionally.

Boil Times:
2 minutes – soft gel
4 minutes – medium gel

Testing for “jell” (thickness I keep a metal tablespoon sitting in a glass of ice water, then take a half spoonful of the mix and let it cool to room temperature on the spoon.  If it thickens up to the consistency I like, then I know the jelly is ready.  If not, I mix in a little more pectin (about 1 teaspoon to 1/2 of another package) and bring it to a boil again for 1 minute

After boiling, transfer the jelly into hot sterilized jars. Fill them to within 1/4 inch of the top, wipe any spilled jam off the top, seat the lid and tighten the ring around them.

Makes five 1/2 pints.


May Herb–Lavender

Young Living

The time is here and summer is fast approaching. The lavender season upon us. Are you ready to discover the joys of lavender?

History of Lavender

As an herb, lavender has been in documented use for over 2,500 years. In ancient times lavender was used for mummification and perfume by the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and peoples of Arabia. In the past, Romans used lavender oils for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air. The flower’s soothing fragrance qualities, the insect-repellent effects of the strong scent, and the use of the dried plant in smoking mixtures also added to the value of the herb in ancient times.

But lavender is still a valuable herb today.  This wonderful spice has many essential uses for people in our times.

Lavender Botanical Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint)

Plant Origin: Utah, Idaho, France

Medical Properties: Antiseptic, anti-fungal analgesic, anti-tumoral, anticonvulsant, relaxant, anti-inflammatory, reduces blood fat/cholesterol, combats extra sebum on skin.

Uses: Respiratory infections, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, menstrual problems/PMS, skin conditions, burns, hair loss, insomnia, nervous tension.

Other uses: May help with arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, convulsions, depression, earaches, heart palpitations, hives, insect bites, hives, rheumatism and throat infections.

Everyday uses: Lavender can be used as a insect repellent, pet wash, aromatherapy, sleep aid, digestive aid, cooking additive, cosmetic remover, air freshener, laundry helper, when ironing, use for personal care–baths, lotions, soaps, salts, scrubs, as a mood pick-me-upper, antiseptic, in baking, as a tea, in candles among other things.

How to use: As an inhalant, with a diffuser, as a dietary supplement, or topically on the body, spray in the air, on laundry etc.

Growing Lavender

The best time to grow lavender is in late spring to early summer. Plant in dry soil. These flowers do not like wet soil and they grow best in cramped quarters.

Harvesting Lavender

Cut lavender plants early in the morning before the sun comes up in order to keep the essential oils intact. Dry in bunches either upside down or on a screen in a cool dark place.

Lavender is a versatile spice that has so many uses that we want to share some of them with you. In each section we have included a simple recipe that you can use to help your family discover the wonders of this flower. It is our hope that you will try the recipes at least once and decide that you simply can’t live life without using these natural and holistic spices. If you have been in search of a better way–here it is–God’s best for his people–nature. (Just click on the links to go to the section that is of interest to you).

Lavender Water

Lavender Cookies

Lavender Biscuits

Lavender Sugar

Lavender Chicken

Lavender Ice Cream

Lavender Cake

Lavender Rum Cake

Lavender Bread

Lavender Fish

Lavender Jelly

Lavender Liqueur

Lavender Tea

Lavender Oil

Lavender Soap

Please let us know if you enjoyed the recipes! Leave your comments. If you want to submit your own recipe please so so through our contact us page–just put Lavender Recipe Submission in the subject line.

If you want to learn more about lavender click here.

To learn how to use lavender check out these resources:

Lavender: How to Grow and Use the Fragrant Herb and Lavender: Practical Inspirations for Natural Gifts, Country Crafts and Decorative Displays.

If you want to learn more about essential oils or order lavender oil visit Young Living Essential Oils.

Please note Young Living lavender essential oil can be taken internally –other brands may not be 100% natural and caution should be takten with them but they probably can be used for personal care, aromatherapy and household cleaning among other things–check with the seller or manufacturer for proper use.


Are You Prepared?

Survival is hard work

Free Images | Sataqvi

Prophetic warnings

Many of us have already read and heard the prophetic warnings that have been released about the lawlessness, fires and the mayhem that will take place in New York and in other places. A few of these prophets have suggested that we take time to prepare for the hard times that lie ahead of us–by storing food, water and emergency kits.

David Wilkerson on his blog gave this word, “First, I give you a practical word I received for my own direction. If possible lay in store a thirty-day supply of non-perishable food, toiletries and other essentials. In major cities, grocery stores are emptied in an hour at the sign of an impending disaster.”

Be prepared

If you haven’t already done so you should start to get yourself prepared not just physically with food and supplies but more importantly spiritually.

Pastor Wilkerson also stated that, “As for our spiritual reaction, we have but two options. This is outlined in Psalm 11. We “flee like a bird to a mountain.” Or, as David says, “He fixed his eyes on the Lord on his throne in heaven—his eyes beholding, his eyelids testing the sons of men” (v. 4). “In the Lord I take refuge” (v. 1).” In this time the people of God are equipped to deal with whatever comes because the Lord our God is with us.”

Though we may get alarmed initially when we seek the Lord He will give us a strategy and will pour out His peace upon us. We will be able to pour out to others what we have received from God.

God always warns His people

The wonderful thing about God is that He always gives His people a warning. It’s up to us to respond in faith to the warning of God. Will we dismiss it? Will we start to panic? Will we be wise as Joseph and start to gather and store supplies?

God gives us the opportunity to be ready but we have to choose to act on what He has said. Not in fear or worry but with confidence in God, believing that He will stretch what we put aside and use it to not only bless us and our families… but also those who He will send our way.

Disasters, judgments, and punishments are unpleasant things to experience—but they are also opportunities for God’s glory to shine forth, for refinement, growth and maturity.

All things work together for the good

Romans 8:28 says,

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

So no matter what comes we know that it will work together for our good!

Additional resources

To read David Wilkerson’s entire prophetic message click here.

To get a copy of David Wilkerson’s prophetic book The Vision : A Terrifying Prophecy of Dooomsday That Is Starting to Happen Now!

To start building your emergency food supplies click the link.

Whatever you do remember God is for you and he is with you because you are His!

Check out this Jesus Rap by Tamara Lowe. Are you prepared for Jesus?


Card making classes

Looking for card making workshop or class. Look no further. Smart-at-Home is available to teach your youth how to make their own handcrafted cards. Each class runs for 2-hours and includes all the supplies to make six hand made cards.

Theses classes are ideal for churches, after school programs, parents that want to to inspire the creativity in their boys and girls.

How it works

If you have a group of youth that desire to learn card making we will come to your location and teach them the art of making their very own handcrafted cards. Students will learn how to emboss, cut, mat, embellish, stamp, chalk, ink, and design their own cards. Class sessions run in 4 week intervals at $15.00 per session. To start your classes today contact us.

Supplies provided

  • white card stock
  • colored card stock
  • patterned paper
  • stamped images
  • sayings
  • ribbons
  • embellishments

Basic supplies student will need (these items can be gotten at Michael’s)

  • paper cutter
  • double sided tape
  • dimentionals
  • scissors (craft)
  • glue dots

To start your classes today contact us.


The Time is at Hand… Handcrafted Card Activity


The Time is at Hand... hand made card activity Image: Smart-at-Home

In this project we are making a hand crafted card with a stamp set from Stampin Up! For this project you will need:

Paper sizes

  • Card 5 1/2 X 4 1/4
  • Mat 1 5 1/4 X 4
  • Mat 2 5 X 3 3/4
  • Image mat 3.5 X 3.5

Watch video and see how we put it all together!


The Benefits of Essential Oils Part II

As mentioned the article The Benefits of Essential Oils oils are mentioned nearly 200 times in the Bible. When God created man he provided everything that they would need to not just survive but to thrive and be in good health. Over the centuries we have strayed from God’s best and have chosen to embrace mans inferior substitutes. Ezekiel 47:12 tells us that the leaves of the trees will be for healing. Oils are derived from natural sources which were created for our benefit!

Cassia (mentioned in Psalms 45:8) is a wonderful plant which is known as a immune system builder. It helps with Herpes infections, digestive disorders, and helps to control blood sugar problems, warts, and relieves stomach discomfort.

Onycha (mentioned in Exodus 30:34) is derived from a tree. Its oil is know for its soothing and comforting properties. It is great for kidney support, bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, skin conditions, and is said to relieve stress.

Galbabum which is mentioned in Exodus 30:34-36 is good for asthma, acne, coughs, cramps, scar tissue emotional balancing and wrinkles.

In this new season revelation, spiritual enlightenment and becoming more Christ like we should all strive to be healed and not simply maintained. God’s herbs, oils and ointments are for our healing and wellness. Unlike mans medicines which maintain us–they don’t heal, they don’t prevent, and they can and often do cause additional health problems. As you progress in your journey with the Lord exercise wisdom and faith as you seek his guidance in making the right health choice for you. Remember that health and wellness are yours as a child of God and that is more than being maintained it is being delivered and set free from illness, sickness, and diseases.

If you want to learn more about essential oils visit Young Living Essential Oils.

Click here to learn about the Young Living  home based business opportunity.

To read Part I of this series click here The Benefits of Essential Oils.

If you are interested in starting your journey to healing go to Young Living Essential OilsIf you are interested in starting your journey to healing go to Young Living Essential Oils.

To read more about essential oils check out these valuable resources…

New Herb Bible: How to Use Herbs to Revolutionise the Way You Work, Play, Sleep, Feel and Heal

Daniele Ryman’s Aromatherapy Bible: An Encyclopedia of Plants and Oils and How They Help You

Chemistry Of Essential Oils Made Simple: GOD’S LOVE MANIFEST IN MOLECULES

Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide: Building Immunity, Increasing Longevity, and Enhancing Mental Performance With Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

If you would like to use the same products for your family as we do, you may conveniently buy on-line at www.youngliving.com or by calling 1-800-371-3515. When asked for the member number of the person sharing them with you, please use the following code #1149759.

The Time is at Hand… Are You Ready for Jesus Cards

The Time is at Hand... Are You Ready for Jesus? Image: Smart-at-Home

The Time is at Hand... Are You Ready for Jesus? Image: Smart-at-Home

Our latest series of hand made cards are designed to help you reach the lost!  These “The Time is at Hand… Are You Ready for Jesus?” conveys your concern about the persons state with Christ. Each set comes with 6 multi layered, stamped and embossed cards. (Colors and card stock will vary according to stock on hand. They come Chalked or un-chalked).

Inside you can write your own personal note to let them know you are concerned for them and that you are praying for their soul salvation. You can use these cards to encourage them to have a relationship with the Lord.

These cards are wonderful evangelistic out reach tools that can be used by churches who want to reach out to their communities, laymen who want to reach out to their neighbors, and workers who want to show their co-workers their love and concern for their soul salvation.

If you have been looking for a new way to reach the lost…this is it. You can personally deliver the cards to the people with your contact information inside and start your own Bible study group.

You can mail the cards to their houses and encourage them to come out to your churches Bible study meetings. Or you can use them to invite them to a special event or a revival meeting where they can meet the King of kings and start their journey in the Lord.

No matter how you choose to use these cards “The Time is at Hand… Are You Ready for Jesus people will know that you care about them and that your heart is toward them in love.

To order please click here…

To view card making video click here…

To do activity click here….

To read the prophetic word The TIme is at Hand…


May 13, 2010 The Time is at Hand

This morning I was awakened by wind passing by my ears (but my windows were closed). The wind was moving swiftly and I could hear and feel the vibrations on my ears. My ears felt as if they were extremely sensitive and could hear supersonically. I laid down in the bed and pondered what this was about and why it was happening.

A few moments later I got this word from the Lord:

“The time is at hand, are you ready for Jesus?”

In my spirit I got the impression that the Spirit of the Lord (the Spirit of Jesus) is on the move. He is getting ready to do things that have been longed for, requested, that have been declared and prophesied will happen. And the question is for each of us to answer. Are we ready for the move of God? The visitation of Christ–in pour lives, homes, families, jobs, churches?

If we had to meet him today are we ready to hear what he would say? Are we ready for the move of Jesus.

As I think on it it could be judgement (if we had to die today are we ready). But the overwhelming impression is that there is a move of the Spirit of the Lord that is getting ready to take place and the question is are we truly ready for it or do we think we are ready. Remember the five foolish virgins thought they were ready–they were not Matthew 25:1-13.

So take a minute and ask yourself the question, “Are you ready for Jesus?”

If not shouldn’t you get ready?

Check out our handcrafted evangelistic  cards… The Time is at Hand… Are You Ready for Jesus

Check out Tamara Lowe’s powerful Jesus Rap