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Camping Gear

Ozark Trials

Model WT 98012-3

9 x 9 Dining Canopy


This canopy screams good by if you want to be protected from the rain and sun while enjoying the great outdoors. However it has a flimsy construction. It wobbles while you try to assemble it. It does not have spikes in the poles which would help to stabilize it while you try to drive the spikes into the ground.

If you want a product that is hassle free, easy to assemble, sturdy construction, and will last you for years—buy another product. If you are looking for a cheap product for a limited time use—and you do not mind spending time trying to get the canopy assembled properly—then Ozark Trials, Dining Canopy is for you.

Not user friendly and it took four of us to try and assemble the unit—which we were not able to do. We tried the product out at Sebago Cabins the same day that we bought it and were forced to return the item the next day.

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