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Come Quickly

As I was doing laundry  on April 25, 2010 the Lord gave a message through a prophetic song.

I hear the voice of God… He says to come!

Come quickly, come quickly.

It’s not time for us to walk but for us to run.

He is calling…

Can’t you hear the voice of God… he says to come.

He bids you come.

Start to run.

Let the words of this song minster to you and to your family.  The time has changed we are in a season where the Lord is moving and he has released a call to his people. If you walk thinking you have all the time in the world you will miss Him for it is like being unprepared for the season we are in. It is a lack of discernment and preparedness–like the five foolish virgins in Matthew 25:1-13.

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