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Do You Have A Wounded Spirit? (Part II)

Refusal to be comforted causes woundings

In life there are a multitude of things that can cause deep woundings. Each person has to choose if they want to be healed, delivered or comforted if they choose not to be healed, delivered or comforted they will remain in their wounded condition.

In Genesis 37:35, Jacob refused to be comforted by his children when he learned that his beloved son Joseph was killed. Likewise we can choose to marinade in our sorrows. We can refuse the comfort that God provided for us through Jesus.  We can refuse to accept his healing words, his love, and we can refuse the Balm of Gilead—the ointment of God.

Our sorrow can become a badge of honor that we share with everyone we meet. Our woundings can become an idol that is erected before people to show how terrible a blow we have received. Our wounds can be a place that we hid as we watch life be sucked out of us.

God wants to heal us…he wants us whole—and if we are wounded we are not whole.

How to get on the path to healing?

Accept the comfort that God has provided. Tell God, “I accept your healing today. I refuse to live a wounded life anymore. I want to be whole.”

Now you are on your way!

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