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Enjoy a Daily Getaway with Everyday Oils

With all the uncertainty in the world right now many are overwhelmed and stressed. The financial crunch can rob you of the joy and relaxation that was once your lot in life. Going to a spa on a weekly basis may not be an option for you, because your finances have to go towards housing, food, and clothing. There may not be a lot left over after you’ve balanced your budget.

I can truly empathize!

But does that mean that you can’t pamper yourself at all? Does that mean there is no hope for you to alleviate your stress?


There are other options. I have found exercise a wonderful stress releaser. I try to play Wii with my husband and children for about 30-mins daily (or walk on the treadmill for 45-mins). This helps me to get rid of a lot of tension as I jump around and act silly with my family. But sometimes I need just a little bit more.

It’s in those times I’m thankful for essential oils. Oils that relax, calm and soothe my achy body, my tired muscles, and my over taxed nerves. A few drops of oil in a hot tub works wonders on the body. A few drops in a diffuser helps to set a calm atmosphere. And to top everything off I rub some oil on my body to ensure that I have a peaceful nights rest as I sip a warm cup of herbal tea.

The best thing about using the oils is that I can have a spa experience every night without having to put my family in financial ruine to do it! I have my little getaways and when I come out of my oasis I am rejuvenated and renewed. A few of my favorite oils are grapefruit, hyssop, peppermint, and Rose of Sharon.

If you are in need of a peaceful getaway you’ll want to explore the wonderful possibilities of everyday essential oils.

If you would like to use the same products for your family as we do, you may conveniently buy on-line at www.youngliving.com or by calling 1-800-371-3515. When asked for the member number of the person sharing them with you, please use the following code #1149759.

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