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God’s First Missionary

God’s first missionary left his world to come to ours as a baby. He traveled beyond the stars and to constellations. He broke through the natural barriers of the atmosphere to be planted in the womb of a woman.

He lived among us as one of us—eating our food, wearing our clothes and adhering to our customs. He allowed us to teach him, feed him, and instruct him—though we were flawed and sinful he took our counsel.

He walked among us as a meek and compassionate friend. He manifested pure love and selflessness—that was unheard. He did not repay an eye for an eye—he forgave and instructed us to do the same. The earth was Jesus’ missionary field. He preached the Gospel and shared the Fathers love with all who would hear.

He cried with us when those we loved died. He worked with us when we needed wine. He healed us when we were sick. He forgave us when our sins our sins would have destroyed us. When the wealthy shun us, Jesus came and sat down. At every turn, he met our deepest needs and planted seeds in our heart for God.

He asked nothing in return for his coming. He simply came to give—to share the abundance of God’s love with us.

If Jesus could leave the presence of God…his home in glory…his position of high honor to come and toil in the missionary fields of earth should we not do the same?

We don’t have to cross galaxies. We don’t have to fly through the heavens or pass stars to work in the mission field. We just have to open our hearts. And as we open our hearts to the needs that are all around us—we too will be at work in the mission field for God.

And like Jesus, we will show God’s love and compassion toward those who absolutely need a reason to hope and are in need of rescuing.

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