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Is Homeschooling for Everyone?

When I first started to home school my children I had this idea that it would be easy. I believed that my children would excel in their work and that all would be well. And at first this was so. My sons grades were A’s and B’s with a C now and again I guess for good measure.

But then something happened with my oldest son. He started to be come complacent. He felt that he could get good grades without studying and without putting much effort into it. His grades started to slip. He started to fall behind. At first it was one semester, then two, then a year, then two years.

I started to feel like a failure, even though my youngest son was doing so well. I was filled with shame because my oldest son who when in public school was the only child in his school to get out of special ed. because we worked hard, sacrificed and believed God promises.

Recently I found myself asking is homeshooling for him? Should I send him back to public school?

All the reasons why we took him out of public school are still valid–he was being exposed to thing s that he shouldn’t have been, gangs were running the place, his innocence was being robbed and a host of other things. So how can I send him back to that? Would he stand a better chance there or at home?

Though I am still struggling with this question, I believe that even if he learns at a slower rate, or his grades are not what I would like, there is a value to homeschooling. He is protected from the gangs and drugs. He has an opportunity to preserve his innocence for a while longer. He is able to have daily devotions with God. We can pray before, during and after class without violating any rules and regulations.

I don’t know if homeschooling is for everyone…but it is for me and my family. I believe that he will turn this thing around. The same God that delivered him from special education will deliver him from this too. It is not a question of if but when. And I know it will be soon.

If you are experiencing the same struggle with your homeschooler have hope  that it will change, but put your faith in Jesus that he will turn things around. Then you will know that Mark 11:23, 24 is true–if you believe with your heart you shall receive.

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