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Just in Hot Off the Presses from Homeschool.com

Greetings Smart-at-Home Family,

I just received this e-mail from Rebecca from Homeschool.com and I wanted to share it with you. Check it out…


This is Rebecca Kochenderfer from Homeschool.com. For some reason, the following was stripped out of the original email I sent you. Perhaps because I used the word “free” in the subject line. Maybe the spam filters deleted the content, thinking it was dangerous. Here is the information you need.

Laurel Springs School is giving away FREE copies of “Homeschooling and Loving It.” Normally, this popular book sells for $15.95.

Here’s the Coupon Code: LSS
Go To: http://store.laurelsprings.com/
Limit 5 copies per person. While supplies last.

Be sure to watch the short video on the ordering page, telling all about the book. I used the “Homeschooling & Loving It” method with my own children and my son has just gone off to the college of his choice. It works. I don’t know how long the copies will last so be sure to get your copy right away.

I’m so grateful to Laurel Springs for making this book available to all homeschoolers. The founder of Laurel Springs, Marilyn Mosley, used this method of homeschooling with her children. Homeschooling is so much richer when you ask your children, “What are your goals?”  “What do you want to learn about?”  and then build your curriculum from there.

As always, I wish you the best on your homeschooling adventure. Feel free to pass the coupon code on to other homeschoolers. And let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you with your homeschooling.

Warm regards,
Rebecca Kochenderfer
Senior Editor & Co-Founder

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