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May 12, You are the Water, Living Water

To night as we had family worship the Lord gave me a song.

I saw the image of stirring water and felt the stirring in my belly. Then I saw the words before my eyes…

You are the water

The living water

You are the water

The living water

Come and stir

Within my soul

And as a family we started to sing the song that the Lord had given to us. My family was able to get the melody and the beat of the song and we greatly rejoiced as the Lord came and stirred the water within us.

If you are in need of a stirring from God–declare that he is the water, the living water and invite him to stir the water of your soul (specifically the Spirit of the Lord with in you). Paul tells us to stir up the gifts within us (2 Timothy 1:6)–sometimes we need God’s help to do it right and effectively (because we are weak, tired, or we lack the knowledge on how to do it).

Invite him and he will come and do it for he says that if we ask he will answer (Matthew 7:7).

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