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May 13, 2010 The Time is at Hand

This morning I was awakened by wind passing by my ears (but my windows were closed). The wind was moving swiftly and I could hear and feel the vibrations on my ears. My ears felt as if they were extremely sensitive and could hear supersonically. I laid down in the bed and pondered what this was about and why it was happening.

A few moments later I got this word from the Lord:

“The time is at hand, are you ready for Jesus?”

In my spirit I got the impression that the Spirit of the Lord (the Spirit of Jesus) is on the move. He is getting ready to do things that have been longed for, requested, that have been declared and prophesied will happen. And the question is for each of us to answer. Are we ready for the move of God? The visitation of Christ–in pour lives, homes, families, jobs, churches?

If we had to meet him today are we ready to hear what he would say? Are we ready for the move of Jesus.

As I think on it it could be judgement (if we had to die today are we ready). But the overwhelming impression is that there is a move of the Spirit of the Lord that is getting ready to take place and the question is are we truly ready for it or do we think we are ready. Remember the five foolish virgins thought they were ready–they were not Matthew 25:1-13.

So take a minute and ask yourself the question, “Are you ready for Jesus?”

If not shouldn’t you get ready?

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