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May 2, 2010

As I was worshiping before the Lord before going to church, He showed me a vision of the word worship hovering between earth and heaven. On the word worship were chains. Things that were holding back and preventing worship to ascend into heaven before God. Then He started speaking words for its release–anything that would be holding back the worship was being broken in the spirit. Things like wrong priorities, emotional entanglements, stress, the cares and concerns that are blockages/hindrances to true and complete worship of God.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7. This was the word that the Lord rested on my heart.

And as the people in the vision started to cast their cares upon the Lord the hinderances and the blockages started to break. The chains started to break off the word worship.

Then the vision changed to a river of freedom, of liberty that was running past them. Then the Lord said, “Do you not see the river? There is a river running past you. Jump in! Jump in. There is a river of liberty and freedom running past you, jump in.”

The Lord is calling for his people to live in new levels of freedom and liberation in every aspect of their lives. They will experience unprecedented freedom that they never knew was possible.

So as the people worshiped the Lord said, that he will meet their needs, that He wants to pour out blessing–so just come and worship. Even if it has to be a sacrificial worship, come and worship. This way He can supply your needs and He can bless you. This is the way you can get what you need from Him.

The call of worship of the Lord is “Come to Me”, and our response is “Here am I.”

Prophetic word April 25,2010

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