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Enter with thanksgiving and praise

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“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” Psalms 100:4

I was awoken with an interesting dream the other night, May 27, 2010.

The dream

I was in a church that wasn’t familiar to me. My eldest son was there and he was doing some cleaning. He was handling some of my essential oil bottles. He happened to break the cap of one of the bottles which caused the oil and the fragrance to escape. I was talking to a guy that looked like Danny from CSI NY, when my son came over to tell me what had happened to the bottle cap.

Danny was asking me when were we going to join this church. I told him that the Lord had not released us yet–so we could not join. Then he said to me suppose it takes 13 years for you to get that release. My response was that I hope not for we have been praying to the Lord to give us the release this year. I mentioned to him that the good thing is that we can come to this church and participate in the festivities even though we are not released to join.

My son then came over a second time and told me he had broken another cap. My response to him was why wouldn’t you  remove the oil and put it some place safe if you know that you have a tendency to break the caps. I was irritated at my son for breaking the bottles now.

Danny took this opportunity to leave.

Scene change

People started to come in. They were exalting the Lord and praising him for what He had done and for who He is. It was amazing  watch as the people were doing this. The musicians started to worship and praise the Lord as well. As I heard the music in my dreams I got caught up in the worship and started to worship the Lord as well in tongues and prophetically. My heart was extremely glad and jubilant. It was so real and in total worship. I was charged up in the spirit.

Scene change

We were in the corridor of the church and there were a lot of people around me. I was giving them the Word of The Lord I had received. I seemed like I was giving it for a while. And I am not sure what I said. But after a while it was just two people left there.

When I gave this part of the word “Release your worship to the Lord and He will pour abundance into your bosom” (this was the word that I spoke). When I saw that only two people were there to receive this part the word I was irritated. I remarked that people need to have patience and learn to wait for the Word of the Lord.

One of the two women said to me “I receive the word.” That is when the dream cut off.


Although many may gather to hear the Word of the Lord, there will be few who are truly interested in knowing what God has said. But even fewer still will actually receive the word. It went from a large crowd to two. And out of the two half chose to receive the Word of The Lord.

The other part is to come into worship of the Lord with praise and thanksgiving on your lips. Don’t wait to be coerced or primed for worship. The people in the dream didn’t hear music playing they came in with worship, thankfulness and praise. This is what allowed the worship to go up into that higher level of worship where God was there speaking.

The oils I am not sure of the full significance of this yet. But in the dream the aromas were released because there was nothing left to contain it. The fragrance was able to ascend. The oil represented the prayers that had gone before and I believe the worship that had accompanied the prayers but also the foreshadowing of the worship that was getting ready to take place.  In the dream my son was going through the act of cleaning–which could be repenting, confessing etc. But as he was doing it the caps of the oils got broken and these oils were expensive for they were essential oils and not just fragrances that mimic the sents of the oils.

The oils were spilt on the floor and not poured over people which can symbolize that the people for whom it was meant were not in their proper position to receive the anointing of the oil even though the time had come for the anointing to take place.

Prayer and worship go hand in hand and they are a sweet fragrance before the throne of God (Ps 95:2, Ps 100:4,Ps 141:2 and Rev 5:8).

God is looking for willing workers upon whom He can pour out His Spirit. As with Abraham we must believe and receive the Word God speaks to us without it, we can’t please Him (Hebrews 11:6).

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