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Pollos Mario Steak House & Seafood

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One of the good things about working from home is that many of your excursions can be included in your business expenses. On Friday night we decided to have a business meeting at a Spanish restaurant. We wanted to treat our staff to a nice dinner as a thank you for the hard work they have been doing to help build Smart-at-Home. As an added bonus we are able to review the restaurants food and service for you our Smart-at-Home family.

We dined at Pollos Mario Steak House and Seafood at 75 Franklin Street in Hempstead Long Island, New York. When we arrived we were directed to our parking spot by the valet—which which was a a pleasant surprise.

Upon entering the restaurant we were warmly greeted by our host host. He had us wait as he prepared and cleaned our table. The atmosphere was warm, inviting and energetic, and under the influence of the salsa music playing throughout the establishment.  The  decore of tropics beach umbrellas and pictures of cartoon carricatures set a cozy, intimate, and tropical atmosphere that was not isolating but made us feel included yet set apart.

Our waitress was pleasant  and efficient. She attended to our needs with professionalism and a friendly smile. We ordered two grilled chicken thigh dinners, French style chicken cutlet dinner, the chicken wings and fries, an order of mozzarella sticks, and cranberry drinks—the meal came up to $51 dollars and change before tips.

The meal was delicious and  filling. The mozzarella cheese sticks were a little on the salty side as was the chicken thighs. However, their wide assortment of delicious drinks was enough to alleviate that issue. None of us could finish our meals. We each took home a doggie bag—which came in handy for lunch the next day.

The restaurant was not overly packed but we did notice several families out to dinner. And they too had more than enough left over for a doggie bag. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can get more food for your dollar…a place where they still take time to prepare the meal as you would…a place that give you good service and a warm inviting atmosphere…then you should visit Pollos Mario.

And if you happen to be watching your weight you can easily get three meals out of one of their dishes—which will help you to manage your calorie intake.

Smart-at-Home highly recommends Pollos Mario’s as the place to hold business dinners or for a family excursion especially if you are on a tight financial budget. If you would like to share your experience at Pollos Mario in Long Island please leave a comment!

Pollos Mario Steak House & Seafood

75 North Franklin Street

Hempstead, NY 11550



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