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Today, as I talked with my dad I was reminded of Paul’s counsel to believers to pray for their leaders. Paul did not tell them to pray if they disliked their leaders, if they want to get them out of office, or because they loved them. He said pray–so  that they–the believer could live a quiet, peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

When it comes to President Obama I like many others have mixed feelings. I am not for him nor am I against him. But I am for God and against all the activities of the Devil. As I thought on Paul’s counsel I realized that no matter my feelings toward a leader–the President or any other individual in authority over me I am called to pray.

Paul outlined four types of prayers–supplications, prayer, intercession, and giving thanks.

Why did Paul do this? In order to understand why we need to first learn the definition of each category.

A prayer of supplication can be defined as prayers that are persistent, earnest and fervent in their requests to God.

Prayer can be categorized as petitions, the act of bring our personal requests before God.

Intercession can be looked at as priestly prayers–praying fervently on the behalf of others.

Giving thanks are prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God.

Paul wants us to know that there are different types of  prayers–there is no one size fit all prayer for every person or situation. Prayers should be tailored to meet the occasion and the need. And since he counsels us to pray for all men–each mans needs and circumstance are different–and so should our prayers.

When it comes to our leaders we should ask God to help them–offering up prayers (of petition) and supplication.

If our leaders are doing things that are against God and his word we should offer prayers of intercession. And if we have righteous leaders in office we should give thanks to God for them. This way we apply the right type of prayer for the correct situation.

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