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Do you know that God still talks to his people? Well, he does. And in these times he is speaking louder and clearer than ever…but it is for the person who is willing to hear…who desires to know.

In this section of our site we want to connect you with the prophetic voices. You will find links to other sites that publish what God is saying daily, weekly, monthly and periodically. Use discernment as you read. Though the word may be from God it may not be for you in this season.

Each of us are at different levels and stages in our walk with Christ Jesus.  And you will need to listen to what he is saying to you for your season and for your situation.

We do not endorse or promote any of these sites.  Whether you choose to believe or follow the counsel is your choice and not that of Smart-at-Home.

From time to time we will post  on our site words from various prophets as the Lord directs. It is our earnest desire that your life is blessed and your faith strengthened as you read these words from the prophets of God.

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