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The Benefit of Essential Oils (Part I)

Many people desire to follow God completely… but when it comes to their health they place their faith in man and his medicine. Their faith is transferred from the God who heals them to the medicines that man has made which often has terrible side effects that it counters the benefits of using the medicine. In spite of this millions of Christians are hooked on medicines and are getting sicker. Wouldn’t it be wiser to use God’s best?

The Bible mentions healing herbs and oils nearly 200 times. If herbs and oils are mentioned so often maybe we should take a closer look at what God desires for his people and how it can be achieved!

Exodus 30:22-25 and Exodus 30:34-35 mentioned two holy oil blends which were used for anointing.  Oils can be used for medicinal purposes as well. For example, Myrrh (which is mentioned in Ester 2:12) is good for skin health–it can combat wrinkles, aids in balancing the thyroid, helps clear athletes foot, ringworm, thrush in babies, bronchitis and several other things. Sandlewood (mentioned in Numbers 24:6) has been studied for its ability to oxygenate the brand, enhance deep sleep, repair skin damage among other things.

One of my favorite oils is Hyssop (mentioned in Psalm 51:7 and John 19:29). It helps to control appetite and metabolizes fat, it alleviates respiratory infections, helps with sore throats, cuts and wounds etc. This is just a sample of the hundreds of passages in the Bible that mention oils for anointing , as ointments, essential oils for healing.

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In our next article we will cover the benefits of Cassia, Onycha, and Galbanum in The Benefits of Essential Oils (Part II).

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