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The Life of David

Title of Book: The Life Of David

Author: Robert Pinsky

ISBN Number: 0-8052-4203-1

Publisher: Schocken Books

Book Length: 210 pages

Price: 12.95

Book Type: Hardcover book

Rating 3 out of 5 points

The Life Of David by Robert Pinsky is a literary essay that tries to blend the complex nature of David the shepherd boy, the king of Israel and the worshipper of the most high God into an unforgettable portrait of David, the man. At the same time Pinsky reveals unknown facts to the average Bible reader such as Goliath was David’s cousin, a descendant from the line of Oprah He teaches, and questions while interpreting the age old stories of the Bible.

The Life Of David is not an easy book to understand. It is at times like reading one of the works of Shakespeare or the Canterbury Tales. But once you understand Pinsky’s style the stories come to life and the arguments leap from the page. Many to day love the Godfather movies or the Sopranos series. Pinsky likens Saul’s exchanges with David to a gangster exchange. The pretence of civility with the undercurrent of ruthlessness and pure hatred, as Saul sends David to obtain the 100 foreskins as payment for his daughter.  The true meaning of the request is not lost on David he decides that he will not only bring back the 100 foreskins but he will double it. And so the battle goes. Saul determined to get rid of this cocky and agile young man and David determined to not only survive but to do the best he can with each challenge.

But could it be that David too has a streak of the Godfather in him? Pinsky brings this point out as he recounts King David’s final instructions to his son Solomon. David had left loose ends and he wanted to make sure that each loose end would be properly tied up thus securing Solomon’s grip on the royal throne.

The Life Of David helps the reader to get a more in depth look at King David who had a heart like God.

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