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Water Painting at Long Island Center for Independent Living

Workshop 1

Water Painting with Bob Mauro Long Island Center for Independent Living

Over the last several months my family and I have had the pleasure of water painting at the Long Island Center for Independent Living with Bob Mauro.  I have always wanted to try painting but I wasn’t confident that I would be good at it. This year I decided to try it any way…and if it came out ugly so what at least I tried it.

My eldest son is a natural born artist while the rest of us are not! But we felt this would be something great to do together as a family–so we put aside our inhibitions and gave ourselves over to the process of creative artistic expression.

Bob and the other participants were patient and encouraging. It felt as if we belonged and that did so much to ease our lack of confidence. I found myself not caring or worrying if my picture didn’t come out exactly right–I was enjoying the learning process.

What I noticed was that all of us had freedom–we were free to create and experiment. Though we tried to follow the guidelines that Bob gave us we were able to personalize our art work without guilt. And that was so refreshing.

If you live in NY and would like to learn more about the activities at the Long Island Center for Independent Living contact them at :

3601 Hempstead Turnpike
Suite 208 & 500
Levittown, NY 11756
Tel: 516-796-0144
TTY: 516-796-0135
Fax: 516-520-1247
en Español: 516-796-6176
E-mail: licil@aol.com

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