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Why Are There So Many Sick Among Us? (Part II)

Now that you know God’s will concerning healing…the question to be asked is…

Do you believe?

The real question is do you believe God? Do you take him at his word? When God told the Israelites (over six hundred thousand of them according to Ex. 12:37) that he was the God that heals them in Ex. 15:26 they believed his words and he did what he promised according to Ps.105:37. There were not feeble, sick, or diseased persons among them.

This is evidence that God meant what he said and if we believe his word he will do exactly what he promised. So the question is do you believe what God says? Do you believe some of what he says? Do you believe that God’s word is impartial—for some and not for others? Does God play favorites? Or do you believe none of his word?

These are questions that you have to answer for yourself—the answers will indicate whether you are walking in faith or not and if you are truly a believer—for a believer believes God’s word completely.

It is impossible to boldly claim by faith a blessing or a promise if we are unsure that God offers it or that he is willing to perform it. We have to know what God says and to allow his word to be forever settled in our heart—for his word is already settled in heaven (Ps. 119:89) and it will never change (Ps. 89:34).

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