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About Us


Smart-at Home is a home based business started in 2009 as a subsidiary of Smart Copy Designs Inc, which is our copywriting business. We are home-schoolers and understand the demands (economic, social, religious, and family) that come with home-schooling. 

We’ve created Smart-at-Home as a means of supporting and informing home-based business owners or home-schooling families.

You’ll find fun art projects, interesting articles, product reviews, interviews, videos, how-to tips, homemade products and so much more to inspire, entertain and give you the kind of information you need to do things smart at home.  Make life easier by bookmarking the page. New resources are constantly added to the site so visit often.

We  welcome and appreciate your feedback.  Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think, ask a question or tell us what you need – and we’ll see what we can do!