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Being Prepared for a Disaster

Over the past few month there have been predictions of harsh times ahead for the United States and possibly around the world. It has been reported that because of the real estate bust and the use of farmland to build houses could impact the US negatively in 2010. Less farm land translates into less crops which can lead to food shortages.

According to Andy Lagomarsino, NewJerseyNewsRoom.com “Inventories of agricultural products are the lowest they have been in decades yet the prices of many agricultural commodities are down 70% to 80% from their all time highs adjusted for real inflation. Catastrophic food shortages are possible in 2010, not just in the U.S. but all around the world.”

If you’re like me you won’t want to be caught by surprise. You want to be prepared in the event of a disaster. My family and I have started to buy non-perishable items (water, beans, rice etc.) when they are on 10 for $10 sale. We have also begun to purchase food from are you prepared . They have an assortment of food choices in mountain house freeze dried (25-year shelf life) and dehydrated food storage (including breakfast, fruits, desserts, stews, Oriental and Italian style meals, etc.)

They offer several prepared kit options (for the home, office, school, and car) which can feed a single individual to a family of four (for three months up to a year). If you don’t have a survival kit already prepared, check out are you prepared and start working on your kit today. If you’ve started to prepare your kit… check are you prepared out and see what items you would like to add to your kit. If you like cheesecake you may want to check out their desserts.

Disaster often strikes without warning–it is better to be prepared. Your family will be grateful that you planned ahead–and that you know where their next meal will come from.

To learn more visit are you prepared.

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