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Blast Away the Pounds

Many Americans are plagued by obesity. As a nation we are not as active as our forefathers and mothers were. We tend to spend more time commuting in a car, or working while sitting at our keyboard. And this is can be especially true if you work from your home.

Regardless of your work schedule you need to make time to exercise. You need to make time to tune up, tone, and stretch your muscles. And you don’t even have to go to the gym (paying for those memberships that will go dormant in a few months after you lose our zeal and excitement.)

What can you do?

You can try working out to a DVD!

I have found that when I exercise with Denise Austin (her Blast Away The Pounds Indoor Walk DVD among others) I am motivated, encouraged, and excited about exercise. I feel like I have my pals working out with me.

Sometimes I want a little variety, so I will use Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs DVD and this makes me sweat! But it gets my blood pumping. At other times I want a little salsa so I can reconnect with my Caribbean roots–so I work out to the Core Rhythms DVD’s with Janna and Julia.

But then there are those time when I just get on my trusty treadmill or elliptical. If have found that my body hits a plateau where it refuses to burn fat it will just maintain the status quo. When that happens I spice it up by using an eclectic approach to exercising. I will workout with one of my DVD’s in the am before classes for 30 minutes. Then in the evening I will workout in our home gym with my sons during their PE time. This helps me to push my body past its plateau point.

If you want to blast away the pounds try using a DVD in the morning and in the evening–spice it up. Your body needs to get moving and your muscles need to be stretched but you should never over do it. That is why I like the DVD’s they allow you to go at your own pace while they encourage you to slowly go to a higher level of exercise.

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