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How to Turn Prophetic Words into Prophetic Prayers?

One of the things that Christians should do is pray the word of the Lord over their lives. This is a powerful and fail-safe way of ensuring that the promises of God manifest in your life. I have for many years prayed prophetic prayers and I would like to encourage you to do the same.

How can you do this? When you get a prophetic word from God…or read a prophetic word (that is Biblically based and Biblically sound) claim it in pray. For example this is a post that was placed in the Burns site today (www.FT111.com). You can use this word as a prayer.

Take a minute to read it and we will use it as a prayer…

September 22, 2009

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns

I have come to you today My people to prepare you.  I’ve come to open your ears.  I have come to place a desire so deep down within your spirit that the travail of it shall call you to a higher place than you have been.  The travail of that which I am doing in your spirit man will cause you to awaken out of a slumber and come forth into the majesty that I have called you;  into the glory that I have prepared for you.  Call these the days of wonder if you will, watch for the signs, listen for My voice.  For, divine directives shall come into your ears.

And when I call you to pray, do so, in faith.  When I call you to proclaim, do so, in faith.  When I call you even to write a divine decree, do so, in faith.  No good thing will I withhold from you in these days, says the Lord.  But, you must be ready; you must be ready to mount up and  ride on the wind of My presence; you must be ready to search out the things that I have hidden within you; you must become a treasure hunter, says the Lord God.  For many gems have been placed within your spirit;  revelations of these days.  Many of you have longed for these days for you know that I will speak, and you know that a prophetic voice will arise and come forth; you know that words of wisdom and the words of knowledge shall come; that tongues shall be spoken; that interpretation will be given.  These things I say will indeed multiply in the days that are before you.


Be strong and stay steady.  You need to renew yourself in an eternal perspective to know that you are experiencing momentary, light affliction.  Cast your cares on Me.  Lean on Me and allow My strength to manifest in your place of weakness.  Let your worship become a platform of encouragement and renewal, as you come before My face, says the Lord.

Psalms 29:2
Give unto the LORD the glory due to His name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

Praying the word of God:

Oh Lord my God, I desire for you to prepare me, to open my ears that I may hear from you! I want you to take me to a higher place than I have ever been in you, awaken me, let me see your wonders, let me witness your miracles, let me enjoy your presence. Father I will pray in faith for you have equipped me, I will write your decrees in faith, I will mount up…I will be ready to search for the hidden things that you have placed within me. I am a treasure hunter for I desire to be all that you have called me to be.

Lord I will move according to the Spirit of the Lord, I long for the move of God the great days of the Lord. Though I go though affliction my eyes are set on thee, I will be strong for you are my strength. I will worship the Lord for it is my encouragement–and it will fill me with joy which is my strength. I will come before the face of the Lord for in your presence I will find peace and blessings. In Jesus name, amen.

By turning these prophetic words into prayers you can claim all the promises of God, encourage yourself in the Lord, wage war against the enemy, reaffirm your commitment to God, and lay the ground work for a powerful testimony in Jesus Name.

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