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The Benefits of Essential Oils Part II

As mentioned the article The Benefits of Essential Oils oils are mentioned nearly 200 times in the Bible. When God created man he provided everything that they would need to not just survive but to thrive and be in good health. Over the centuries we have strayed from God’s best and have chosen to embrace mans inferior substitutes. Ezekiel 47:12 tells us that the leaves of the trees will be for healing. Oils are derived from natural sources which were created for our benefit!

Cassia (mentioned in Psalms 45:8) is a wonderful plant which is known as a immune system builder. It helps with Herpes infections, digestive disorders, and helps to control blood sugar problems, warts, and relieves stomach discomfort.

Onycha (mentioned in Exodus 30:34) is derived from a tree. Its oil is know for its soothing and comforting properties. It is great for kidney support, bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, skin conditions, and is said to relieve stress.

Galbabum which is mentioned in Exodus 30:34-36 is good for asthma, acne, coughs, cramps, scar tissue emotional balancing and wrinkles.

In this new season revelation, spiritual enlightenment and becoming more Christ like we should all strive to be healed and not simply maintained. God’s herbs, oils and ointments are for our healing and wellness. Unlike mans medicines which maintain us–they don’t heal, they don’t prevent, and they can and often do cause additional health problems. As you progress in your journey with the Lord exercise wisdom and faith as you seek his guidance in making the right health choice for you. Remember that health and wellness are yours as a child of God and that is more than being maintained it is being delivered and set free from illness, sickness, and diseases.

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