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May 9th 2010

As I was worshipping before the Lord today before going to church, the Lord gave this word:

“I am the one that restores you. I restore the emotions, I restore hurt feelings. I restore your faith. I am the restorer. Cast your cares upon Me. Throw them into the river of forgetfulness, and be restored.”

The Lord was calling out for us to do that, for he wants to restore us. He wants to heal us, from everything that has been hurtful to us. That has caused us to have distance. That has caused us not to go forward in Him.

The Lord continued, ” I am the restorer, there is no limitation to my restoration.”

He can restore everything, regardless if it is something that we lost, things that have caused hurt and pain, things that people have done to us. He is the restorer. He desires for us to believe that he is the restorer, and that there is no limitations on his restorative ability.

As we cast our cares on him it is going to be thrown into a river of forgetfulness. This way we won’t even remember the pain or the hurt. It won’t have the same sting even when the enemy tries to bring it up. It  will not stop us.

If it is not placed in the river it can stop us from going forward in the things the Lord is calling us to do in this season.

But when we cast it, it will not have the same impact because God is restoring his people.  Are you willing to be restored, healed, made whole? Throw everything into the sea of forgetfulness–and it is forgotten. Come to the Lord and be restored!

The final word the Lord gave was, “Come to Me and be restored.”

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