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Releasing the Ability of God Through Prayer

Title of Book: Releasing the Ability of God Through Prayer
Author: Charles Capps
ISBN Number: 978-1-5779-669-4
Publisher: Harrison House
Year of Release: Revised 2004
Book Length: 172 pages
Part of a series: No
Price: $10.99
Book type: Paperback
Primary Audience/age group: Christian
Genre: Religious
Recommended: Yes
Rating: 5 out of 5 points

Description: Prayer is governed by spiritual laws and they are designed to work for you. But if you don’t know what they are they are probably working against you.


Did you know that you could be bound…spiritually bound by scripture?

I didn’t…but you can. In Releasing the Ability of God Thorough Prayer, Charles Capps teaches how this is done and how to avoid this trap of the enemy. He points out in the book that rightly dividing the word of God is one way to ensure that you are not ensnared by the devil.

Releasing the Ability of God Thorough Prayer, will help Christians that desire to know the spiritual laws that govern answered prayers. But it also points out the differences in the types of prayer. Capps reveals that there are prayers of dedication, thanksgiving, praise, intercession and petition. Each is different and has a spiritual law that needs to be fulfilled in order to get an answer from God.

Many believe that faith is a feeling, but this is not so according to Capps. Some Christians believe that we should pray to Jesus but this is an error according to Releasing the Ability of God Thorough Prayer. Christians are to pray in Jesus name but not to Jesus.

Capps points out in his book that many pray the problem rather than the solution. And by releasing this is to get what you pray for…more of the problem and none of the solution. It is a prayer that magnifies the devils activities and not God’s ability to change the situation.

If you desire to pray with power…if you want to have answered prayers rather then a continuation of the problem… or if you want to learn how to pray according to spiritual laws Releasing the Ability of God Thorough Prayer, is the book for you.

This book is a powerful and informative book that every Christian should have in their library. I recommend reviewing it each year so that you can develop the skills needed to have effective and mind blowing results because you pray in accordance to spiritual laws and within the will of God.


Spiritual Elements 5 of 5


I recommend this book because it is information, corrective and it unveils the subtle schemes that the enemy uses to ensnare the children of God. The Bible says that people perish because of the lack of knowledge…with Releasing the Ability of God Thorough Prayer, there is no need for you to perish or for you to experience unanswered prayers!

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