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Wigglesworth On the Anointing

Title of Book: Wigglesworth on the Anointing

Author: Smith Wigglesworth

ISBN Number: 0-88368-530-2

Publisher: Whitaker House

Year of Release: 2000

Book Length: 192 pages

Part of a series: No

Price: $11.19 

Book type: Paperback

Primary Audience: Christian

Genre: Religious

Recommended: Yes

Rating: 5 out of 5

Description: Learn how to walk in the anointing of God.


Smith Wigglesworth is known as a faith filled man of God whose ministry span several decades. He is known for his straight forwardness and his uncanny ability to trust God no matter what.

This man of God has confronted the devil where ever he met him and in his book Wigglesworth on the Anointing the show the reader how to do the same. This book is a collection of sermons which were compiled into a book so that readers could experience a deeper anointing  from God in their lives.

Wigglesworth points out that each Christian has the ability live in victory and power through the equipping of Holy Spirit. But in order to do so self must die. He points out that the devil will take all the comfort that we give him. In order to have victory the devil must be challenged and defeated and that can only occur through Jesus.

Each believer has a choice…you can stay at the level you are at or you can seek a deeper anointing. If you are ready for a deeper anointing then this book is for you.

Wigglesworth comes across as a powerhouse of faith. His book is written in a simple yet straight forward manner. There are some typographical errors and incomplete thoughts…nonetheless you will feel the anointing of God on you as you read his words.

This book is for people who want to experience a closer walk with God…a more powerful anointing on their lives, or who desire to do greater works for the Lord…

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