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Why Are There So Many Sick Among Us? (Part III)

You believe that God wills to heal…but do you have faith that he wants that for you? Do you secretly believe that God plays favorites? Or that only a few people can achieve healing because they have supernatural faith? Let’s discover how faith factors in and if God will is a respecter of persons.

How does faith factor in?

The word of God tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). But how does one get faith?

By hearing! Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ” Romans 10:17 (NIV).

It is more than hearing empty words—the word that must be heard is the message as spoken by Christ. Nothing should be added to or subtracted from the words that Christ spoke.

The message is that healing is for you! If God heals anyone he will heal you. Christians need not be sick. Christ paid it all so that all can benefit (Isaiah 53:5). People need to know God’s will—according to his last will and testament (the New Testament) is that you be healed—from sickness, disease, sin, spiritual illness and from any other situation that can be classified as a sickness—lack of food, clothing, shelter, provisions, finances etc.

According to T. L. Osborn in his book Healing the Sick, “Healing is for all and should be preached to all.”

If healing is taught as God’s provision for all, faith is always imparted…and people are always healed. And the Bible bears this out—Paul preached Christ and people received faith to be healed and were healed (Acts 14:8-10), Peter preached Christ and people were healed (Acts 5:14-16, Acts 9:34, Acts 3:6). Phillip preached Christ and people were healed (Acts 8:6-8).

Therefore, if you preach Christ people will be healed. And if you believe Christ you will be healed. Let this be a settled fact, it is God’s will to heal.

Christ came to do the will of God according to Hebrews 10:7 and John 6:38. While he was here he healed all those who touched him (Matthew 14:36), all who sought to touch him (Luke 6:19), all those who followed him (Matthew 12:15), and those that others brought to him (Matthew 8:16-17). Therefore Christ established through his life and ministry that God wills to heal people.

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