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Why Are There So Many Sick Among Us? (Part I)

This series of articles will concentrate on the reasons why Christians have so many sick within the body of Christ. The articles are geared to help believers establish in their minds that healing is for them, that God’s expressed will is for their healing, that faith is required for healing, and knowledge of the word of God is necessary for faith to abound.

I have often asked this question of the Lord. Why are there so many sick Christians in the body of Christ?

As I explored this with the Lord the answers came—many are ignorant about the word of God, others do not believe that God means exactly what he says, while others have misplaced their faith—in doctors and medicine.

What is God’s will for us concerning healing?

First let us establish a fact God has expressed his will for our healing in concrete terms, unbreakable and in no uncertain terms. “I will take sickness away from you. The number of your days I will fulfill.” Exodus 23:25-26. In Exodus 15:26, God says, “I am the Lord who heals you.”

God clear about what he wants to do and what he does for us. In the first scripture he says “I will”—this indicated that there is something that he intends to do, future tense if you will. In the second scripture he tells not only who he is but also what he does. He is the Lord—“who heals” us.

From these two verses it is clear that the expressed will of God is to heal—not some of his people but all of his people—the “you” is inclusive. He did not qualify the “you” so the “you” can be replaced with any name.

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